Saturday, June 12, 2010

Succubus Diaries by Jill Myles

1. Foreplay (a prequel short story)
2. Gentleman Prefer Succubi
3. Succubi Like it Hot
4. Zane's Tale (a short story)
5. My Fair Succubi
6. Succubus Interrupted (a short story)
7. Slave To Her Desires (novella)
8. Succubi Are Forever

My thoughts on the series:
I love Jackie. She is awesome. BUT even MORE awesome are Noah and Zane. Oh how I would love to be a succubus with those two at my beck and call. Oh yeah, about the series, lol- Anyways, Noah is an angel. A fallen angel. Literally. And Zane is a vampire. Yummy. And Jackie is a succubus and the yummy guys are her creators. Read this series. Yum.


  1. Book two I was screaming "Jackie you retard!" and then "Pick Zane! Pick Zane!" LOL I can't wait for My Fair Succubi.

  2. Haa Haa Me too! I can't wait! I have never wanted to be the female in a story so bad! LOL