Monday, June 14, 2010

Highland series by Hannah Howell

The Brothers (The Patriarchs)
1. Highland Destiny
2. Highland Honor
3. Highland Promise
The Daughters
4. Highland Vow
5. Highland Knight
6. Highland Bride
Daughter and In-Laws
7. Highland Angel
8. Highland Groom
9. Highland Warrior
In-Law and Grand-Daughter
10. Highland Conqueror
11. Highland Champion
12. Highland Lover
13. Highland Barbarian
14. Highland Savage
15. Highland Wolf
16. Highland Sinner

17. Highland Protector

My thoughts on this series:
I love my Highlanders almost as much as my vampires and weres. These guys are so hot with their Scottish accents, that I swear I hear in my head when they talk, their ripped abs, that I wish I could touch, and their kilts, which I wish I could get under *wink wink.

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