Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Night Huntress books by Jeaniene Frost

Night Huntress series

SS- Reckoning (in Unbound)
1. Halfway to the Grave
2. One Foot in the Grave
SS- Happily Never After (in Weddings From Hell)
3. At Grave's End

SS- Devil to Pay (in Four Dukes and a Devil)
4. Destined For An Early Grave
SS- One For the Money (in Death's Excellent Vacation)
5. This Side of the Grave
6. One Grave at a Time
SS- Home for the Holidays (in The Bite Before Christmas)

Night Huntress World series

1. First Drop of Crimson  (events take place after Destined for an Early Grave)
2. Eternal Kiss of Darkness (events take place after First Drop of Crimson)

Night Prince series

1. Once Burned (events take place after Home for the Holidays novella)
2. Twice Tempted (events take place after Once Burned) due out March 26, 2013

My thoughts on the series:
WOW! I cannot believe I waited so long to read this series! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Definitely in my top favorite series of all! The World and Night Prince books go great with the series and add to the diversity of the characters. If my to be read list wasn't so long I would read this series over now just to see if I missed anything! You MUST read this series if you have not done so!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Night World by LJ Smith

1. Secret Vampire 2. Daughters of Darkness 3. Spellbinder
4. Dark Angel 5. Chosen 6. Soul Mate
7. Huntress 8. Black Dawn 9. Witchlight
10. Strange Fate- due on Who knows?

My thoughts on this series:
Well I read this series because they were all re-released and I thought the last book, Strange Fate, would be coming out soon. THEN, after reading all 9 of these stories, I learned that these books were written in the '90s... the last one coming out in '98 as a matter of fact. Sooooo.... Here we are 12 years later waiting for THE END of the series. The last 3 stories, especially, were all working toward an ENDING that you NEVER get to read. The books were good, but I ABSOLUTELY HATE when a series has no end. Pisses me off. I am seriously thinking I won't read it when it does finally come out.

Darkyn series by Lynn Viehl

1. If Angels Burn
2. Private Demon
3. Dark Need
4. Night Lost
5. Evermore
6. Twilight Fall
7. Stay the Night
Novella- Master Of Shadows
Novella- Midnight Blues
Novella- Incarnatio
SS- Worthy
SS- Willing
SS- Wanted

My thoughts on the series:
This series was very hard for me to get into. But I gave it a few tries and finally, after like book 3, I understood the Darkyn world and it made reading the books easier. There are a couple stories that I especially loved. If you are wanting to read a series that you will love every book of- this is not for you. BUT if you are willing to give this world a try, you won't be disappointed after a couple books.

The Embraced by Anya Bast

1. Blood of the Rose
2. Blood of the Raven
3. Blood of the Angel
4. Blood of the Damned

My thoughts on the series:
I loved these books! Way hot 'n heavy though (for all you shy types, lol). The stories were each well written and well delivered. Some not so believable parts that Anya Bast makes you believe. And the love scenes are off the charts hot!

Highlands Series by Lynsay Sands

1. Devil of the Highlands
2. Taming the Highland Bride
3. The Hellion and the Highlander

My thoughts on the series:
Very easy reads. I love my highlanders. All three books go together- read in order or you will be disappointed.

Highland series by Hannah Howell

The Brothers (The Patriarchs)
1. Highland Destiny
2. Highland Honor
3. Highland Promise
The Daughters
4. Highland Vow
5. Highland Knight
6. Highland Bride
Daughter and In-Laws
7. Highland Angel
8. Highland Groom
9. Highland Warrior
In-Law and Grand-Daughter
10. Highland Conqueror
11. Highland Champion
12. Highland Lover
13. Highland Barbarian
14. Highland Savage
15. Highland Wolf
16. Highland Sinner

17. Highland Protector

My thoughts on this series:
I love my Highlanders almost as much as my vampires and weres. These guys are so hot with their Scottish accents, that I swear I hear in my head when they talk, their ripped abs, that I wish I could touch, and their kilts, which I wish I could get under *wink wink.