Monday, June 14, 2010

Night World by LJ Smith

1. Secret Vampire 2. Daughters of Darkness 3. Spellbinder
4. Dark Angel 5. Chosen 6. Soul Mate
7. Huntress 8. Black Dawn 9. Witchlight
10. Strange Fate- due on Who knows?

My thoughts on this series:
Well I read this series because they were all re-released and I thought the last book, Strange Fate, would be coming out soon. THEN, after reading all 9 of these stories, I learned that these books were written in the '90s... the last one coming out in '98 as a matter of fact. Sooooo.... Here we are 12 years later waiting for THE END of the series. The last 3 stories, especially, were all working toward an ENDING that you NEVER get to read. The books were good, but I ABSOLUTELY HATE when a series has no end. Pisses me off. I am seriously thinking I won't read it when it does finally come out.

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