Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Reading Order for this series based on all books and short stories and including Dream and Were Hunter books:
0- SS- The Beginning (found in Acheron)
1.5- SS- Dragonswan (found in Tapestry anthology and its own book; Were-Hunter)
6- Night Play (Were-Hunter)
8.5- SS- Second Chances (Found in Acheron and The Dark-Hunter Companion)
9- Unleash the Night (Were-Hunter)
10- Dark Side of the Moon (Were-Hunter)
10.75- SS- Fear the Darkness (free ebook HERE)
11- The Dream Hunter (Dream-Hunter)
13- Upon the Midnight Clear (Dream-Hunter)
14- Dream Chaser (Dream-Hunter)
17- Dream Warrior (Dream-Hunter)
18- Bad Moon Rising (Were-Hunter)
20- In Other Worlds (Multiple Short Story Book)
21- No Mercy (Were-Hunter)
22- Invincible: Chronicles of Nick (book 2) due out 2/1/11
23- Redemption (due out 8/2/11)

My thoughts on this series:
My all time Favorite! I just can't get enough of these books or the characters! If SK could write a book a week on this series, I would forsake all others and just read this! You NEED this series on your ALREADY READ list- So start reading it!

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