Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Argeneau Vampires series by Lynsay Sands

12.5. SS. Bitten By Cupid
13. Born to Bite- Due out 09/01/10
14. Hungry For You- Due out 12/1/10 

My thoughts on the series:
I read this series directly after I read Twilight and felt like I found what I was missing. All those good, juicy details that Twilight didn't have. Each book has a different male/female couple and goes though the trials of how their mating came to be. Each book can stand alone- but I read it in order and there is a back ground story going developing that, I feel, makes more sense when you read the books in order. Plus most of the characters are recurring and you get to "know" them through each book. I love these books! You get romance, comedy, drama, and even a little horror in a couple books.

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