Friday, June 11, 2010

Highland series books by Monica McCarty

The MacLeods of Skye Trilogy:
1. Highlander Untamed
2. Highlander Unmasked
3. Highlander Unchained

The Campbell Trilogy:
1. Highland Warrior
2. Highland Outlaw
3. Highland Scoundrel

The Highland Guard Series:
1. The Chief
2. The Hawk
3. The Ranger
4. The Viper
5. The Saint
6. The Recruit
7. The Hunter due out June 25, 2013

My thoughts:
I really love all of these books! I absolutely ADORE Monica's writing style. I fall in love all over again with each new book. Oh how I want to go to Scotland and see if there really are big, hunky highlanders out there that are as gorgeous and tough as they are in these books!

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