Thursday, December 2, 2010

By Christina Dodd

Darkness Chosen
1. Scent Of Darkness
2. Touch Of Darkness
3. Into The Shadow
4. Into The Flame

Chosen Ones
1. Storm Of Visions
2. Storm Of Shadows
3. Chains Of Ice
4. Chains Of Fire
5. Stone Angel
6. Wilder
My thoughts on these series':
I really liked these 2 series' and they go together very well. Very different and exciting paranormal reads.


  1. Hi ran across your blog LOve it,,,My name is Jennifer and Ive been following Maryse and Lily for about a year now and have just set up my own,,just with in the last few weeks...anyway,,,I just picked up Christina dodds the darkness chosen series, last week, havent started it yet but looking foward to reading it,,well I have just became one of your stalkers,,lol and would love to take your button and post on mine and maybe you can visit my blog maybe give some feed back..really new at this whole
    anyway,,Hope you have a marry christmas,,and love to know that there are people in the world that share the same interest as me Im not alone,,lol

  2. Hi Jennifer! I follow Maryse and Lily pretty religiously, LOVE THEM, lol. I really liked Christina Dodds books. They definitely kept me interested. I am so glad you like my blog and I will definitely be checking yours out! I should be posting again soon, I have a few more series' to add and I am sure my upcoming releases needs to be updated. I don't get on much with the kids keeping me busy ;)
    Hope you have a great Christmas!

  3. Hi JimiAnn, How are you ,,,,I was trying to figure out to hollar at ya...I noticed on a recent post on maryse's facebook page that you were reading the The brotherhood of the Blood series...I read that series last year...Loved it..Chapel, Bishop, hmmmm! These brothers rank right up there with the blackdagger brothers,,lol
    be sure and let me know how you like them...
    Im currently reading the The Demonica series...just finished Passion Unleashed,,and Larissa Ione is one intense author...